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What is Physical Therapy? During your initial visit, an assessment is performed to gather information, determine problems, and identify a treatment plan that will give the most concise and effective way to resolve problems such as pain, structural weakness, deficits in balance, coordination and flexibility, and loss of function. This treatment plan may necessitate referral to another medical discipline such as an orthopedic surgeon. We are proud of our professional relationship with the region's most reputable surgeons and will assist you in making a timely appointment with their services as needed.

Throughout your experience as our patient, you will learn about the injury process, and develop a sense for recognition of the difference between being hurt and injured. In addition, you will learn when to seek physical therapy intervention, as well as gain insight into understanding more clearly the role of incorporating strength training exercises and stretching as a lifelong habit to prevent future injuries. We offer a full range of equipment and techniques to help reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and muscles spasms. Once accomplished, muscle strength can be developed in a safe way using correct form, specific exercises and the right amount of weight to enhance recovery leading to normal, pain-free function.

Shaffo Physical Therapy

Shaffo Physical Therapy is a a physical therapy and rehabilitation center located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Joseph Shaffo treats sports injuries, post-surgical care, auto & work injuries, shoulder & knee care, and neck, back, and spine injuries. Health and wellness is also another important factor in the physical therapy field. Shaffo Physical Therapy is accepting new patients on a daily basis who are in need of post-surgical care or any other aches and pains.

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